Company Overview
Payne Associates operates in the e-commerce and internet sectors of the IT industry. We have worked extensively with database systems and supply chain management. A natural extension of this work is to combine these skills to offer our clients comprehensive internet and intranet solutions to present day IT needs. Our intention is to create value commodity software for the leisure market and supply chain. We have extensive knowledge of a number of operating systems and database products. Additionally, we have a strong understanding of Neural Networks, Intelligent agents, embedded systems and Java. By combining these technologies we intend to offer cross platform products that will give our clients access to leading edge technologies. For further information check out Contacts.


Techno Philosophy?
Technology is all very well, we enjoy working with leading edge products but because of our history we appreciate and understand the needs of our clients. The products we are developing are for real users - “the geek bit is inside”.

Company Background
In various guises the company has worked on leading edge products for a number of years. Ranging from designing products in silicon to porting early Unix software, we have developed Real time operating systems for embedded products. To earn a living we developed our own relational database engine

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